The Second Draft

By Ashton Wiersdorf

Write one to throw away.

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Editors, or The Tools of my Trade

6 December 2018

I spend a fair portion of every day writing programs. As with all professions, using the right tools makes a huge difference in my productivity and general happiness. Having good tools helps me keep my gumption up.

The Best Two Years

20 November 2018

September 30th marked two years since I arrived home from serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The mission is colloquially referred to as “the best two years”. (There is a movie about missionaries, which I have not seen, by this title.)

Induction and Side-Effects

8 October 2018

Today in my proofs class (MATH 290 at BYU) we talked about the concept induction. I like this, because it sounds a lot like recursion.

Life Hacks: Text Notifications

11 August 2018

Life Hacks: Text Notifications

Leaving Facebook

23 June 2018

Deutsche Übersetzung folgt.

My Wedding

26 May 2018

I got married last week!


19 February 2018

I came across a quote posted by a friend of mine that read:


18 November 2017

I once asked my dad over email how to improve my the potency of my words and thoughts. His reply came back as one word:

Rapid Website Development with Mojolicious and Polymer

9 November 2017

My girlfriend works for BYU SA—it’s the division of BYU that’s responsible for planning and running events. As part of her job, she has to review song lyrics and make sure that the song is okay to play at BYU functions.

Eh, Docker, we have a problem here…

26 October 2017

Quick note for those who don’t know about Docker: Docker is a program that lets me take packaged-up programs (called images or containers) and run them without having to worry much about dependencies.