The Second Draft

By Ashton Wiersdorf

Write one to throw away.

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My name’s Ashton Wiersdorf. I hail from Utah; I’m currently studying computer science Brigham Young University. I’ve sung with the BYU Men’s Chorus and I play the piano. Other hobbies include swimming and hiking—Utah has some of the most diverse landscape anywhere in the US: from dense forests to baren desert. If you visit I highly recommend checking out some of the national parks.

I have been married to my wife Sarah since 2018; we met when we were in high school and she’s been my best friend ever since. You can see her blog here.

I’m a command line addict; most of my work is done with Emacs. My current technology preferences are:

Over the past year or two I’ve made some extensive modifications to my configuration. You can get my .emacs config files on my GitHub repo.

This blog started out as a class assignment. Since then it’s evolved into a place for me to write about some ideas and technology I’m excited about. I change my mind a lot; I’m still learning, so things written here should not be understood as an immutable reflection of my opinions.

If you’d like to talk to me about anything I’ve written here, try Keybase or Twitter. If something is really urgent, you can find my email on my résumé, which should be linked on this page as well.