The Second Draft

By Ashton Wiersdorf

Write one to throw away.

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Thoughts on Goals in Programming Language Design

4 August 2020

I’ve been thinking about programming languages a lot recently. A question I asked myself was: why do we work on, refine, and create new programming languages?

Transitioning to GUI'd Emacs on macOS

22 July 2020

I went on an adventure today. I left behind the stable comforts of the terminal and compiled bleeding-edge Emacs that uses a native window system. This is a big deal for me.

Programming Languages and Typography

15 June 2020

An analogy occurred to me this evening as I was thinking about programming language design:

Book Review: Amusing Ourselves to Death

7 June 2020

Ideas do not survive translation of medium


23 May 2020

Masks have become a hot issue. Here’s my 2¢.

Computers and Abstractions

20 May 2020

I am paid to press buttons and make lights blink in *very* specific ways.

Starting Fresh

9 May 2020

Rip that bandaid off!

FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi

12 February 2020

I’m a FreeBSD guy. My first computer was a FreeBSD machine that my dad had running in a closet. I learned how to use Emacs as well as the command line on that black-screen white-text no-mouse interface. That’s how real programmers spend their childhood! 😎 😜

Switching from Helm to Ivy

13 December 2019

Yet again, I’ve tweaked my emacs configuration. The big change this time is switching to Ivy from Helm.

Macros with Elixir

27 February 2019

I gave a presentation at the Utah Elixir Meetup this February. Here’s the recording of my presentation: